Puerto Rico

Urgent need for safe drinking water throughout the island!


It’s been over 3 months since hurricane Maria and most families still need to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking. Most cities have running water now but they are adding so many chemicals  that most will not drink it. Click here for the latest news feed.


We had a great trip to the island two weeks before Christmas. We trained church leaders, school directors, community center directors and business owners how to assemble and maintain their Berkey bucket and commercial water purifiers. We also visited nursing homes and gave out purifiers to several families throughout central and northern Puerto Rico.


We want to thank the folks at three amazing companies and one awesome restaurant for providing most of the funding needed to purchase these purifiers and fly me to the Island. A heart felt thanks from the people of Puerto Rico to SEACOR Island Lines, Trailer Bridge, ATS and Bacchanal Wine in New Orleans!




Ambassadors to the Nations in Managua, Las Maderas, Ometepe and Xiloa

We are providing water purifiers to several communites in Nicaragua through Ambassadors to the Nations. ATN has been helping the children of Nicaragua have a better quality of life since 1994.


They sponsor Christian schools in Managua, Las Maderas and Ometepe serving over 1200 children. They support 3 churches, a public school, several feeding programs, gift giving programs, and a prison ministry that brings hope to thousands each year.


We have provided high capacity purifiers to their schools, feeding programs and dozens of household purifiers to the families in those communities. With your help we can end the waterborne illness crisis in these communities.




Lidia Saaverdra, Nicaragua

Samaratans International in North Managua

We are sending Samaritans International the Black Berkey purifier elements to build their own water purifiers modeled after the PureWater4Kids design. They will begin giving household purifiers to every household in the Lidia Saaverdra community this Christmas. They currently provide food and supplies to over 500 locations around Nicaragua. In 2016 they provided 14.5 million plates of food to over 420,000 people!

How We Purify the Water

There are many ways to combat the waterborne illness epidemic in developing countries. The most popular way is by drilling wells near or within the communities they serve. This method solves the age old dilemma of needing to walk long distances to get water. Wells are the best choice when there’s no water source nearby. The families we serve in Nicaragua have water available within their communities so there’s no need to drill wells.


Where there is a local water source, filtration is a quick and effective way to remove the disease causing parasites. Popular filtration methods used by water missions organizations include slow-sand filters, compact hollow membrane filters, ceramic gravity drip filters, and ionic adsorption carbon block filters. 

We first tested the compact hollow membrane filters and discovered that they do remove the disease causing parasites but do not remove viruses, bad tastes or any chemicals from the water!


We tested the Berkey ionic adsorption carbon block gravity feed drip design for over a year now. This design outperforms all the other filtering methods listed above to produce safe, good tasting water. This is the only filter available on the market today that removes viruses, parasites, bacteria, and the chemicals all in one unit.


We provide filter kits that are used in single and double 5-gallon bucket designs. Our double bucket design is used for schools, feeding stations and churches. Our single bucket design is sized to provide drinking and cooking water for one family for three years or up to 36 families during emergencies. Watch the video below to see how we assemble these water purifiers in the field.



Would you like to provide a family in Puerto Rico or Nicaragua with the gift of pure, great tasting water?  Click here to learn more. Together we can help these families finally have safe water to drink right in their homes!