About the founders

 Chris and Rebecca Lioi

Thanks for stopping by to check us out! Rebecca and I recently celebrated 30 years of marriage. We are graduates of Charis Bible College. We both enjoy reaching out to others to share God’s unconditional love. Thank God for Charis giving us the truth that made us free to be who we were meant to be!


During our second year at Charis we took a mission trip to Nicaragua. We fell in love with the beautiful children and people of this developing nation. We knew we had found our calling.


In July of 2016 we founded Pure Water 4 Kids to provide the families with children in developing nations and in those suffering from natural disasters with access to safe, good tasting water. By the grace of God and the generosity of our partners we are now helping hundreds of families in Florida, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico have access to safe great tasting water every day.